What To Wear On A First Date

How to make the best first impression with your outfit

Steps To A Smoldering Smokey Eye Look

Tackle this hard look with these simple steps

PNKElephant Has Trendy, Affordable Accessories

The online boutique has some great jewelry - at a good price

Trendy Hipster Girl Sitting on the Wooden Porch

Most Famous Fashion Designers

  Fashion is always changing. Designers constantly attempt to cut a new silhouette, show off a different…


Fashion 20/20: Predict What We’ll Wear in 2020

    The only constant in fashion is change. The irony of fashion’s ebb and flow is…

Retro swimwear

Retro swimwear causing a ripple across the pond

By 2BLUE EDITORS While a new swimwear fad has women wearing images of nipples on flesh-colored bikini…

Vuitton book

Book showcases Vuitton fashions

Louis Vuitton has done all right for himself for the past 190 years or so. He went…

Flower beards?

Flowers in beards? Enough already!

Men trends in men’s fashions boggle the mind. Monocles — yes, monocles — are a fashion fade….

Flag fashions

Flag fashion fad finds freedom fighters furious

Captain America had better not show at the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall in Bridgeview, Ill. Although…

Stephanie O

Denver seeks to be fashion hub

Denver may not be one of the fashion capitals of the world — yet — but CBS…

Slut shaming

POINT: ‘Slut shaming’ an injustice to women

(For the opposite side of this argument, read this post by 2Blue reporter Tom Henderson.) By MARIAH…

Slut shaming

COUNTERPOINT: ‘Slut shaming’ is vulgar, but so is much of what young women wear

(For the opposite side of this argument, read this post by 2Blue reporter Mariah Freire.) By TOM…


Corsets to Wonderbras: museum takes on lingerie

NEW YORK (AP) — From a 1770 corset to a 2014 bra-and-panty set in lacy stretch silk,…

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